Brand Introduction: Mind Alive Review

Mind Alive Inc. was established in 1981 and specialises in the creation of elecro stimulation machine, which use audio-visual entrainment (AVE) to treat a multitude of diseases using a non-drug approach. Disorders that can be treated using AVE include chronic pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, PMS, and Attention Deficit Disorder, all the while increasing creativity as well as improving sports and peak-performance.

Do not be phased by Mind Alive’s somewhat retro funky 90s look. They have been doing lots of research into brain stimulation devices. Their devices have span many generation and the latest devices are results of their 3 decade long research and efforts.

Unlike Neurofeedback therapy – AVE is not a self regulation method as such it does not require training and results are generally seen within a week. Audio-visual entrainment work by provoking a automatic brain response by presenting specific stimuli which trigger instant changes in brain wave expressions.

The effectiveness of AVE-based affordable brain stimulation treatment has been supported by numerous research studies, many of which can be found on the Mind Alive website.

Their audio visual entrainment technology is extremely powerful and not the sort you find on normal mp3s. This is because they use a triple combination of laser light, isochromatic tones and cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES on the pro devices). This creates an effect of brain entrainment and stimulation far beyond most clinical devices are capable of, as well as being non-invasive. The effects has to be experienced to be believe – because most of us have probably tried brain entrainment audios at some point with minimal benefits.

The Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eyesets are extremely specially designed in that they have 4 laser lights on each side of the eye, diffused into direct photons which cover the entire field of vision. This is because in research the key reason why photic stimulation does not work, is that the fovea (densest point of eye receptor cells), tends to move during stimulation. The visual nerves connect up to the visual cortex which spreads to up to 60% of the whole brain – by stimulating the entire back of the eye, the eyesets create entrainment impossible with just audio at an extraordinary efficiency.  The sessions Mind Alive uses are specifically designed to have alternate light frequencies of left and right eye to entrain the brain to the desired wavelength.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation abbreviated as CES was developed during the late 1940s in the Soviet Union as a treatment for insomnia and has been used worldwide, as such, ever since. CES treatments have been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety as well as improve cognition in recovering drug addicts and alcoholics; this treatment has even been used by celebrity clientele for the aforementioned purposes. The length of the session and its frequency type are so easy to customize that most users to do not even require the manual. Mind Alive carries a wide variety of AVE products suitable for your specific needs.

Current offerings include the David Delight, David SMART, David ALERT, and OASIS Pro. Uniquely Mind Alive entrains CES to exactly the same

The David Delight offers Tru-Vu Omniscreen™ Eyesets, which are crafted to ensure the most effective and safe light and sound user experience while stimulating different frequencies in each hemisphere of the brain in order to boost mental performance as well as mood. This product utilizes isochronic pulsed tones as well as binaural and monaural beats, which serve to both enhance the effectiveness of audio entrainment and to ensure individual satisfaction based on personal preferences regarding beats. The Sort-Off™ that occurs at the end of each session prevents a startle response, or somnatic shock, and leaves the user feeling relaxed long after the session has ended. The pro device version  is recommended because it also features cranial electrotherapy stimulation which makes the entrainment far more complete.

The David SMART was designed specifically with college students in mind. Along with its use of Tru-Vu Omniscreen™ Eyesets as well as isochronic pulsed tones, binaural beats, monaural beats, and Sort-Off™, this product features multiple session types that can be interchanged based on user needs. The categories include: Energize, Mediate, Brain Brightener, and Sleep and Mood Booster, with each category containing two selections. Its convenient night-vue ability also allows users to easily select their sessions during late hours of the night.

The David ALERT (Attentive Living through Energizing, Restorative Technology) is the result of a 20-year scientific project and aims to treat ADD and ADHD. Studies conducted on AVE and ADD/ADHD have shown that the treatment is, in fact, effective in reducing the severity of these disorders and improving reading skills. Sessions on the David ALERT are able to either stimulate or calm the left, right, or both brain hemispheres, depending on an individual’s symptoms. The pro device version  is recommended because it also features cranial electrotherapy stimulation which makes the entrainment far more complete.

The OASIS Pro is a Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) device and is incredibly customizable and user-friendly. It is also capable of doing MET (Micro Electrical Therapy) and TDCS (Trancrnial Direct Current Stimulation) with add-0ns. The OASIS Pro comes complete with 24 pre-programmed CES sessions, is fully user programmable, includes variable frequencies, and a session brain wave range display, along with numerous other features. OASIS Pro kits include the unit, a stimulus cable with earclips, a convenient carrying case, a 9-volt alkaline battery, and a comprehensive operator’s manual, which can also be found online on the Mind Alive products page.

On top of this, with the purchase of the session editor you can also tailor make your own sessions. As a bonus Mind Alive devices can take audio input and transform the music of your music player into unique entrainment sessions targeted for energy, meditation, sleep, brain enhancement, or mood boosting.

All in all the Mind Alive devices, offers the most affordable price range for comprehensive brain stimulation and entrainment at a price its competitors vs the alpha stim and the fisher wallace device simply can’t beat with uniquely expert designed sessions, that first dissociate the mind into a state where its receptive to input and entrainment and then entraining it to its desired frequency.

Mind Alive devices are still brain biofeedback devices (neurofeedback) that work differently by directly stimulating the brain instead of training the brain manually. The pros of this are the effects are effortless vs neurofeedback solutions such as Pcoket Neurobics with bioexplorer, but the negative of this is the sessions usually last in effect of half a day to 2 days and do not seem to stay – as you are not training the brain yourself to redistribute bloodflow and cognition, however its an indispensable tool for those who want instant results.

Research in support of AVE entrainment

What the investigation has to express about Brainwave Entrainment…

Triggers mental performance to release the chemicals connected with pleasure, understanding, memory & ingenuity Eleven sufferers had peridural and blood evaluation performed ahead of and following your relaxation times using expensive emitting goggles. An normal increase associated with betaendorphin levels of 25% and serotonin levels of 21% were registered. The actual betaendorphin amounts are comparison to these obtained by means of cranial electro-mechanical stimulation (CES). This tells a potential loss of depression associated symptoms when utilizing photic stimulation.

Dr. Roger E. Cady, Doctor. Norman Shealy in “Neurochemical Responses to Cranial Electrical Stimulation and Photo-Stimulation by way of Brain Wave Synchronization. ” Study performed by the Shealy Initiate of Comprehensive Health, Springfield, Missouri, 1990, 11 pp.:

Increases Relaxation and Reduces Ache Cerebral synchronization ended up being obtained using photic stimulation devices and tested on over 5, 000 patients experiencing chronic soreness and stress-symptoms. The detailed research on 80 patients advised that 88 obtained relaxation effects higher compared to 60% following 30-minute times at 10 hz. Forty patients had sessions in Theta (5 hz) and experienced relaxation states associated with 50-100% following five minutes as well seeing that improved pain alleviation. Eight sufferers had body tests ahead of and following your sessions and showed enhanced beta-endorphin levels of 10-50%. These relaxation email address details are improved any time combining the photic stimulation with relaxation audiotapes.

Doctor. Norman Shealy, Doctor. Richard Cox With `Pain Lessening and Relaxation with Brain Wave Synchronization (Photo-Stimulation). Study performed by the Forest Initiate of Skilled Psychology, Springfield, Missouri, 1990, 9pp.

Feeling of Well being Lasts intended for Days Using a first-generation prototype, Doctor. Budzynski concluded that “these products produce a distinct relaxation express. Programming it between 3 and 7 hz, it requires about 10 to a quarter-hour for the patients for you to effortlessly enter circumstances of trance. They terminate the times relaxed sufficient reason for a emotion of well-being. inch Also, “the device has a calming effect on nervous or even anxious sufferers. In the majority associated with cases the patients feel relaxed and calm after a period associated with three to four days following your session. It happens which the subjects possess a reminiscence associated with childhood experiences, particularly any time in Theta. Many people related the experiences which we integrated into your psychotherapeutic method. “

Doctor. Thomas Budzynski in “Biofeedback and also the Twilight States of Consciousness, ” in G. Age. Schwartz and D. Shapiro eds., Consciousness and Self-Regulation, vol. 1, New york, Plenum 1976 and non-published scientific studies at the Biofeedback Initiate of Denver, 1980

Increases Intellectual Operating Dr. Brockopp studied audio-visual mind stimulation and especially hemispheric synchronization while in EEG keeping track of. “By inducing hemispheric coherence the appliance can give rise to improved intellectual functioning on the brain. Like young children spending most of time in Theta, the appliance allows the reduction in learning moment. With older people a come back into Theta allows these to rediscover the child years experiences. The equipment is like a `lost and found office’ intended for the depths of the mind. ” Doctor. Brockopp’s realization is of which dissipative set ups allow the mind-via audio-visual stimulation-to give up certain provide neurological structures so as to maintain a higher, more coherent and flexible express of awareness, thus taking into account improved transmission of neuro-entities.

Doctor. Gene T. Brockopp, Overview of Research with Multi-Modal Sensory Stimulation using Clinical Ramifications and Investigation Proposals (nonpublished, 1984)

Generates Deep Relaxation “We stimulated one of two groups associated with 30 those that have a brain- pleasure device for you to test relaxation levels, using 10 hz volume while watching their physical tension with the EMG and their catalog skin heat range. The second group were required to relax with no machines by way of traditional ways of autosuggestion. The majority of the people within the second group said many people felt tranquil while demonstrating greater tension (EMG) and lower pores and skin temperatures, both that are pressure and tense tension symptoms. The group when using the machine obtained deep relaxation express going beyond the programmed a quarter-hour. EMG curves confirmed relaxation on the cortex as a result of frequency adoption response. inch These findings were furthermore verified by means of James Greene and Dr. Age. J. Baukus associated with FOCUS Man Research Growth in Bourdonnais, Il. The physical tension curve on the trapezius muscles was a sign of deeply muscular relaxation.

Dr. Norman Thomas and David Siever, College of Alberta, Florida.Several publications, notably: The result of Repeating Audio/Visual Pleasure in Skeletomotor and Vasomotor Pastime, 1989“

Could Revolutionize Neurology and Medicine” Doctor. Cosgrove proceeded in 1988 using multiple experiences while using same devices and concluded that states associated with deep relaxation are obtained using these machines. “We are very optimistic about the possibilities associated with calming your patients ahead of and following surgery. Mind you, we by now treat continual stress impacted patients. Hence, our EEG analysis demonstrates optimal cerebral functioning may be obtained using regular by using such audio-visual device. The products could eventually slow the lowering cerebral performance while using elderly. This manner of device could ‘revolutionize neurology and medicine. ‘” Doctor. Robert Cosgrove, Jr. of the anesthesia department of Stanford College School associated with Medicine, Stanford, Ca. Faster compared to Traditional Biofeedback Mr. Foster’s a conclusion indicate which the combination associated with binaural appears with audio-visual pleasure machines permit access in to Alpha states of consciousness much faster than using traditional biofeedback approaches.

Dale Azines. Foster associated with Memphis Condition University,

“EEG and Subjective Correlates associated with Alpha Frequency Binaural Defeats Stimulation Put together with Alpha Biofeedback, inch 1988 Speeds up Learning During the study a group of 20 pupils learned 1, 400 words associated with Bulgarian in 120 hours when using Theta pleasure programs. With about 1/3 associated with normal moment they chatted and wrote the newest language. Elisabeth Philipos, Pepperdine College, California, and James McGaugh, College of Ca, Irvine, have tested the issues of Theta frequencies with learning. Headaches Relieved N. J. Anderson employed photo-stimulating goggles with changing frequency using red LEDs so as to stimulate the optic neurological, through shut down eyes, right and eventually left with frequencies concerning 0. 5 and 50 hz. The analysis included 7 patients exactly who suffered a total of greater than 50 migraines through the observation period. Fortynine of those migraines were relieved (either by means of reducing the standard duration or even by raising the volume interval in between migraine crisis) and 36 various other migraines may very well be stopped when using the goggles.

N. J. Anderson, B. Sc., M. B., “The Remedy of Migraine using Variable Frequency Photo-Stimulation, inch in Headaches, March 1989, pp 154-155:

 18 of 15 Headaches Patients Acquire Complete Reduction Dr. Solomon works for the Department associated with Internal Medicine on the U. Azines. Air Drive Medical Center in Scott, Il, where 24 patients using chronic headaches and headaches were dealt with with photic stimulation apparatus in 5-8 hz volume. Fourteen associated with 15 sufferers with maintained headaches and 5 associated with 6 sufferers with chronic headaches noticed finish relief following your treatment. 4 patients treated while using same photo-stimulation device showed zero reaction.

Doctor. Glen N. Solomon, “Slow Wave Photic stimulation in the treating Headache-A Primary Report, inch in Headaches, November 1985, pp 444-447

Brings about Altered States of Consciousness Four person’s were encountered with photic stimulation within the 18, 10 and 6 hz amounts. A frequency answer was established by two subjects through the initial procedure according for you to EEG measurements. These person’s had a altered express of awareness, and reported their image and auditive experiences. The two other subject matter had similar experiences while in follow-on times. The research concludes that photic entrainment provokes altered states of consciousness according to the put on frequencies.

Ernest Glickson, Division of Therapy, Tel Aviv College, “Photic Operating and Changed States associated with Consciousness: A great Exploratory Study, ” in Imagination, Cognition and Character, vol. 6(2), 1986-87, pp 167-182 Swifter,

More Frequent Alpha Induction Williams and West tried photic entrainment with two test groups of 10 persons. The test group produced a lot more Alpha lake and smaller sized Alpha blocking than the control group familiar with traditional introspection techniques. Alpha induction ended up being realized faster and more frequently in the test compared to. the control group. Robert Williams and Michael Western side, Department associated with Psychological Treatments, University Hospital of Wales and University associated with Wales Initiate of Science and Technology, Cardiff, Wales,

“EEG Responses to Photic stimulation in Individuals Experienced in Meditation, inch in Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 1975, 39, pp 519-522

Advances Brain Hemisphere Synchronization Several of seven persons undergoing the test obtained occipital Alpha of both equally hemispheres and concurrently coherence and phase concerning right and left occipital EEG. These results tend to confirm the hemispheric synchronization tendency by means of subjects using photic stimulation within the 10 hz (Alpha frequency) array.

Tsuyoshi Inouye, Noboru Sumitsuji and Kazuo Matsumoto, Division of Neuropsychiatry, Osaka College Medical Institution, Japan, “EEG Modifications Induced by means of Light Stimuli Modulated while using Subject’s Alpha Rhythm, inch in Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 1980, forty nine, pp 135- 142.

Encourages Immunology Characteristics in AIDS Patients Preliminary scientific studies with audio-visual mind stimulators utilised by patients using AIDS indicate of which “the devices are exceedingly efficient with regard to providing thought clarity, enhanced sleeping designs (for slumber preparation and sleep duration) taking into account better bodily disintoxication by the liver. The actual apparatus furthermore stimulates immunology capabilities through states of deeply relaxation. inch Dr. Bill Harris, Director on the Penwell Foundation, USA in 1990 Deep Relaxation and Lasting Feeling of Well being Dr. Carreau studied 20 patients over the period associated with five several weeks. Patients were treated one weekly alternately by way of UVA and audio-visual pleasure (30-minute sessions) intended for psychosomatic pores and skin disorders. Most patients encountered deep relaxation through the sessions and had a feeling of wellbeing through the entire day. Five sufferers claimed that feeling lasted for the following 2-3 times. Patients using combined therapy did superior to with puvatherapy alone. Dr. Olivier Carreau, Saint-Louis Hospital in Venice, on “Efficiency on the audio-visual stimulator in treatment on the psoriasis while in puvatherapy, inch study concluded in January 1991.

– Bionic Hacker