Introduction Post: Where Medical Institutions End and Bio Hacking Begins

Anyone who is not a neurotypical – be it brain damaged from natural cerebral disasters, degenerative diseases or born neuro dysfunctional and different. Knows that medical institutions have a severe limitation when it comes to addressing problems of the mind. Or any problem not deemed worthy of the medical institution to address. In this article I wish to talk about why that is, and I wish to discuss why bio-hacking is our responsibility and our best chance at recovering, finding our life’s mission and making a stake in the world.

We have all been to the doctor once. Told him or her our cognitive or physical problems and have had THAT skeptical gaze upon us, from a neurotypical elite who has gone through 7 years of med school examination, pondering why we are creating our problems from “ over worrying” or other self imagined problems.

It’s hardly a stretch of imagination to understand that a doctor who has successfully completed school in flying colours, and had the funding and background to go into med school, probably had never personally experienced mental difficulty in his or her life.  This person could not possibly fathom that the human being is a lot more frail than otherwise.

And that’s not the doctors problem, nor within his expertise. You see the medical industry is built around treating symptoms and keeping people alive and is for the most part based on the thorough traditional  routine education and many trials and approvals before any procedure or treatment is deemed the standard.

That’s why from a scientific perspective your single anecdotal report is of irrelevant to the doctor or medical industry, as it doesn’t prove anything. You could be imagining it or framing yourself as a victim, however the human body/mind is very complicated and scientists are only beginning to vague understand its working. Evidence based medicine is on the rise, but its still much neglected in modern healthcare, bio-hacking or neuromodulation is even more off the radar, often branded as alternative medicine. Odd when much of bio-hacking or experimental treatments are based on evidence based science.

To understand why there is such a lack of focus on treating individual problems. One must understand the approach the medical industry has taken from a much more abstract view than just “costs versus life.” The human body is indeed an incredibly machine capable of advance self repair, broken bones are put back in place with the expectations that healing will occur naturally. At the age of 3 language skills are expected to be developed naturally without much structured education. When we lose our loved ones we cope, we rationalise, we grieve and move on. In pre-modern medicine, many now proven “sham” treatments were believed to work, simply because the human body does tend to mend itself rather well.

The human body and mind is incredibly resilient, and capable of substantial recovery, repair and improvement. That why the world puts emphasis on diet, exercise and a general “get a life” mentality, because in most cases these things do work, and so the medical institutions and lore work around this principle. In the cornerstone belief that – treat the symptoms and eventually the body and mind will heal. But as perfect the human body is, it is not infallible as things tend to go horrible wrong once one or two things are go wrong like Cancer and Alzheimer’s for example .

This is the case with physiotherapy, where muscles are expected to regenerate with clinical psychology, where the mind is expected to correct itself. Give the mind and body the prerequisite and it is basically assumed you would heal yourself, but in some cases this natural healing approaching of modern medicine is simply not enough.

A lot of problems especially of the mind go unnoticed, due to their hard to observe nature. Post traumatic stress disorder used to be called shell shock, it was thought that people just need to pull themselves together. For ages NFL players were not acknowledged in suffering brain damage from concussion until a recent documentary shined light on how neurological consequences can arise many decades after football concussions.

Medical science is incredible and it really is, and so is all things arisen from scientific understanding, even though its stuck in an older time. Drugs, vaccines, antibiotics and all manners of surgery have saved lives of millions and millions. So you see it is not the interest of the medical institutions to individually address our problems, as from a certain realistic and economical viewpoint it’s not life threatening. This will likely to continue for the foreseeable future, especially in affordability. Personalised treatments will likely to remain expensive for the 99% for years or even decade to come.

That doesn’t however make autism, ADHD, brain trauma, stroke damage any less real for the rest of us. Though the doctor may look at us through judgemental eyes, we know our experiences and report are real, we know that certain patterns of thought problems are not self imagined, especially if we really have had time to look inside ourselves and judge ourselves objectively. Brain dysfunction creates certain gaps in thinking and execution, gaps that affect our quality of life in ways hard to perceive from others who function normally.

We can’t compare ADHD to cancer, nobody can and its stupid to. That doesn’t mean real neurological disorders do not happen just because there isn’t enough scientific criteria to create accurate tests yet. It’s also highly individual to each of our unique genetics, to each of our environment/diet upbringing. Having severe ADHD for example, creates a lot of unique challenges in day to day living, it is in actual fact a form of disability. There may be gifts to cognitive mutations, but in most cases it serves as more of an impairment rather than a benefit, and what uses are giftes if we can’t leverage it with normal day to day functioning in our work and social lives?

Where does that leave us? Well a lot of people will just sit back and hope whatever prescribed treatment will work for their “weird problem” but I believe we can do something more. We can take responsibility for our own problems.

(Interesting fact: Responsibility is a merger of two words, response and ability.)

With the internet in our hands, and the latest scientific research results easily accessible to the public, there is a new dawn happening in many facets, from brain interface training to cutting edge medicine, not only in the form of personalised evidence based treatments, but in the ability for us to access such treatments without the hefty fees of the doctor or clinician.

We can take those results and apply them directly to us without the scepticism of the neurotypical doctor, we can augment ourselves to restore our damaged mental or body functions to the normal person/neurotypical, or we can achieve even beyond that.

It is now common knowledge, that in “intelligence” better is just better, that some humans are genuinely gifted logically, creatively, or socially often all together. Without augmentation technology to help the people like us with mental disabilities  – how can we cope with this increasingly demanding world, if we can extent our perceptual reach beyond that of the normal mind into the realms of the best minds of humanity. We would cope far better with society, and we would contribute to our loved ones far better, as well as creating new things.

So this is where the medical institution ends and you begin hacking your own biology, so that one day you can live the life you are meant to live.

[alert ]Of course I don’t mean ignore your doctor, use common sense guys!  Look for scientific/evidence based options beyond what your institution offers you, especially if they are sceptical of your problems and they are unable to take you seriously. For serious bodily matters don’t ignore your problems and seek “alternative treatments” go contribute to your hospital’s millions : ) .[/alert]

That’s rich you say, but how? In the following few months I will be introducing by topic, different approaches and methods to fixing our mind. I will backup my articles with science whenever I can. A lot of which isn’t even new research, but old research buried by pharmaceutical interests.

There is a huge range of topics to cover all the way from EEG neurofeedback to next generation nootropics, some of which will be inaccessible to buy from this website.

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